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Family-Centered Care in Pediatric Nursing


Healthcare professionals promote service satisfaction by maintaining a familial bond during pediatric treatment. This is called family-centered care. Our home health care in Houston, Texas follows this value system as we promote emotional, physical, and psychological health among children during treatment.

Family-centered care has evolved from literary works done by practicing nurses and other health professionals over the last 7 decades. Particularly, nurses practice this method as a means to build rapport that can facilitate the fulfillment of the needs of all stakeholders. Using this approach, we can create an environment that recognizes parents as critical information sources and part of the caregiving team as well.

It has been shown that pediatric care, such as our professionals in skilled nursing in Texas, who follow family-centered service principles, treat each child as an individual and support the family’s values and strengths in order to promote positive patient outcomes. Here are the 5 innovative practices that help pediatric care providers improve patient outcomes:

  • Open communication with family members
  • Recognizing familial importance
  • Family and organizational collaboration
  • Enabling family members to support treatment
  • Encouraging cultural literacy

Thus, family nurse practitioners play a major role in today’s healthcare system. When it comes to pediatric care, the whole family must always be involved as part of the healthcare team. It is important that families engage in supporting the child’s treatment and care. They must also be reminded that they are an important component in their child’s treatment.

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