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Living with an Ostomy and Managing It Well


An ostomy or stoma is a surgical opening made in the skin when a problem is not allowing a part of the body to function well. For instance, a tracheostomy is done for breathing problems, an abdominal ostomy is done to allow wastes to leave from the intestines, or an urostomy is done to allow wastes to leave from the bladder.

Having an ostomy may be difficult for a lot of people. That is why our skilled nursing in Texas offers ostomy care. One of the many things people worry about when they have an ostomy is talking to others about it. Some may also be worried about how others will accept them and how their social life may change. When it comes to telling people about your ostomy, it’s advised to talk to the people who need to know— your family, close relatives, and healthcare professionals.

Another challenge in having an ostomy is the need for urgent medical care at the hospital. Do not assume that all hospital staff knows a lot about ostomies. Depending on the type of ostomy you have, you might need to do some explaining and teaching.

When it comes to staying active, people with ostomies can still exercise. An ostomy should not keep you from working out or playing sports. However, it is important to know what activities are unsafe for your type of ostomy. Be sure to consult your healthcare professional about this. When you do get into physical activity, some assistance or personal care services may also be required.

Do not be discouraged if you have an ostomy. With the right support, you can undoubtedly manage it well. Call B&J Healthcare Services, Inc. today. Our home health care in Houston, Texas is ready to help!

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