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Medication Safety Tips for Seniors with Diabetes


Taking your medications regularly and as prescribed by your doctor is an important part of diabetes management. But if you are an older adult with diabetes, particularly if you have physical or cognitive impairments, managing medications on your own may present some unique challenges.

The good news is there are ways to ensure you keep track of your medications. Here are some tips from our home health care in Houston, Texas:

  • Keep a medication checklist
    Write down all the medications that you’re taking and make sure that it’s up-to-date. This list can help your doctor and pharmacist spot potential drug interactions.
  • Set reminders
    If you have a smartphone, you can set reminders throughout the day. Or, you can use sticky notes to remind yourself that it’s time to take your medications.
  • Hire a skilled nurse
    Hiring a provider of skilled nursing in Texas is one of the best ways to ensure you follow your diabetes management plan. A skilled nurse can remind you when and what medications to take.

If you need help managing your diabetes, you can contact B&J Healthcare Services, Inc. We offer skilled care services and personal care services.

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