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Providing Affordable, High-Quality Care


Getting home healthcare stirs up a lot of questions, especially to the family of a patient. Most families consider the quality of the services offered and most importantly the price. Not all can afford home healthcare after all. Each family would want to get their money’s worth.

B&J Healthcare Services Inc dedicates their mission to be of service to the elderly including those people who have special needs. We provide quality home health care in Houston, Texas, providing the best care possible. Compared to hospital care, we offer convenience not only to the patient but as well as the patient’s family.

Through skilled nursing in Texas, families have been spending more time together with no time limit for visitations. Grandparents seeing more of their grandkids, and just pretty much enjoying the rest of their lives.

We also offer personal care services for people with special needs, or are recovering from an accident or disease. No matter your situation, we assure that you get better through our compassionate care.

Now, we all know what we’re already offering and what kind of quality we’re giving, the last question would be, is it something people can afford? The answer is yes. We don’t only think about the patient’s situation but as well as their family and we want to make sure that even if its affordable, quality is not compromised.

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