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Feeding Methods for Seniors Under Home Care


Seniors need nourishment, as we all do. And since many of them already have health concerns, we have to look for different ways to deliver proper nutrition and holistic Home Health Care in Houston, Texas.

There are three ways to feed the elderly – oral, enteral, and parenteral.

  • Assisted oral feeding is the eating process where we enter food inside the mouth. But then, it is harder to digest food when people are older, so we can consider mash, soups, and other soft diet meals. This type of feeding can help people who can no longer feed themselves alone.
  • Enteral feeding is the introduction of liquid supplemental nutrition via tubes. It can be nasogastric (stomach), nasoduodenal (duodenum), nasojejunal (jejunum), gastrostomy (external opening into the stomach), or jejunostomy (external opening into the jejunum.) Remember we mentioned tube feeding last November?
  • The parenteral method is feeding through the veins. Nourishment can enter through the central or peripheral veins.

These methods can help you fulfill efficient Skilled Nursing in Texas for the elderly, especially those who have difficulties chewing or swallowing their food.

B&J Healthcare Services, Inc. can be your partner in supporting the wellness of your senior loved ones. Entrust them with our team of experienced professionals who can give dedicated and patient-centered Personal Care Services. Call 281-533-5530 now!

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