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Improving Nutrition Among Aging Adults


Malnutrition is a serious issue for people of all ages. When our bodies don’t get the nutrients it needs, our systems falter, and we are at risk of developing medical conditions. Seniors, in particular, have a hard time keeping up with their daily nutrient requirements. Malnourishment at this age contributes to an increase in mortality and morbidity.

Experts in personal care services are equipped with the right knowledge and skillset to ensure that patients eat healthy, nutritious meals. These care professionals do meal preparation and also assist in feeding. Their work can help improve the health and wellness of their patients.

B&J Healthcare Services, Inc has been providing home health care services in Houston, Texas for many years. We have effective methods that help seniors receive proper nutrition. Our caregivers follow heart-healthy recipes that use herbs and spices, making meals more flavorful. We also plate the meals in an appetizing way.

We want you to know that you can trust us in delivering premium care. Our range of services also includes skilled nursing in Texas so we are highly capable of caring for aging adults with complex medical conditions.

Contact us today to learn more about us and the kinds of care we provide!

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