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Keeping Your Blood Pressure in Check


As we get older, we often have to pay more attention to our health. The changes that we go through as we age gear toward physical decline. Taking care of our health as best as we can help slow this process down. Many seniors even go for personal care services to ensure that their needs are met properly.

As a provider of skilled nursing in Texas, we understand the role of blood pressure when it comes to staying healthy over the years. High blood pressure compromises the health of your heart and other organs. With that, let us discuss some ways to control this.

Your diet plays an extremely important role when it comes to controlling your blood pressure and keeping your heart healthy. Consuming too many foods that are high in sodium, saturated fat, and cholesterol can raise your blood pressure.

Sodium retains water, which adds stress to the heart. Too much cholesterol can cause plaque buildup in your arteries, making it harder for blood to pass.

In relation to this, good exercise can also help you control your blood pressure. When you exercise, you are strengthening your heart’s ability to pump blood. This can make it easier for your blood to travel throughout your body.

Ultimately, these two habits may make you lose extra weight. Losing extra weight can also help you keep your blood pressure in check because obesity is a risk factor for hypertension and other heart chronic conditions.

If you need assistance with keeping your blood pressure in check, make sure you get in touch with us here at B&J Healthcare Services, Inc. We offer home health care in Houston, Texas, and can help you take care of your loved ones. Call us today for more information.

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